James Nightingale Personal Trainer

Kinesiologist, Strongfirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor Lvl I

A teacher at heart, James' philosophy is that strength is a skill that can be taught and practiced – just like a golf swing.  He particularly enjoys teaching new clients the mechanics of how to lift weights effectively and safely, as well as teaching more experienced lifters to become stronger and move more efficiently. 

James' approach is a cooperative one with plenty of communication. He understands how clients' bodies change with the stresses of daily life and he adapts their workouts to deliver the best results that they can achieve each day. He believes the goal and the art of personal training is found in providing both challenging and manageable workouts, while also removing body blockages that stop one's ability to express their own strength comfortably.

While growing up, James' played a myriad of sports but found Rugby to be his number one choice. However, to follow his passion he had to learn to work with a spine injury that he endured while in high school, which affected his entire body. He worked with a series of specialists over the years in order to recover and continue training for his sport. As a result, he learned an understanding of how the body works, how to fix it, fine tune it, and train around it's injuries.

James continued his journey of body learning by studying Human Kinetics at UBC where he dug deeper into the science of strength and conditioning. Upon graduating he sought to share with others what he'd learned of the art of the dumbbell, barbell and kettlebell.